Brian Bi
\[ \DeclareMathOperator{\ker}{ker} \DeclareMathOperator{\im}{im} \DeclareMathOperator{\diag}{diag} \DeclareMathOperator{\char}{char} \DeclareMathOperator{\lcm}{lcm} \newcommand\divides{\mathbin |} \newcommand\ndivides{\mathbin \nmid} \newcommand\d{\mathrm{d}} \newcommand\p{\partial} \newcommand\C{\mathbb{C}} \newcommand\N{\mathbb{N}} \newcommand\Q{\mathbb{Q}} \newcommand\R{\mathbb{R}} \newcommand\Z{\mathbb{Z}} \newcommand\pref[1]{(\ref{#1})} \DeclareMathOperator{\Aut}{Aut} \DeclareMathOperator{\Gal}{Gal} \]

This section contains solutions to selected problems from Artin's Algebra, 2nd ed. I have skipped most of the chapters, focusing on finite groups, rings, and fields. I have also skipped certain sections that I didn't find interesting or useful, as well as certain problems (especially those that seemed too tedious).

I use the convention that 0 is a natural number, Artin be damned.

I will probably not be solving any more problems in this book, but you may feel free to email me with errata, or to contribute better solutions that can be understood using material covered by the appropriate point in the text.