Brian Bi
New York, NY
+1-408-480-9233 |


  • Citadel Securities LLC — Software Engineer (08/2018–03/2021)
    As part of the Low Latency Engineering team, built a new system for processing market data with improved modularity compared to the old system, 2.5% better latency on average and 23% better 95th percentile latency for the most expensive input types. As part of the ETF Tech team, built a new server for deploying parameter values to trading strategies through Apache Kafka. All work was done in C++14.
  • Google, Inc. — Software Engineer (11/2014–07/2018)
    Built a full-fledged PDF to HTML converter for Google Scholar from the ground up using modern C++11 idioms. Also worked on OCR, data backup, citation counting, and miscellaneous maintenance tasks in C++ and Python.
  • Google, Inc. — Software Engineering Intern (05/2013–08/2013)
    Refactored Google Flight Search logic from Java to C++ and built a pipeline to analyze and optimize its performance.


Bachelor of Science — University of Toronto, 2014
Double major, physics and chemistry.


  • C++ gold badge on Stack Overflow Stack Overflow (profile:
  • Top 200, 2013 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
  • 12th place team (University of Waterloo), 2011 ACM-ICPC World Finals
  • Silver medal, International Olympiad in Informatics (2010, 2009)


  • PEG JudgePEG Judge ( — an online judge for algorithmic contest problems. Includes both a website and a backend server that compiles user-submitted code and uses Unix system calls to sandbox its execution. Retired in 2020.
  • Common algorithms and data structures for the ACM-ICPC Common algorithms and data structures for the ACM-ICPC (
  • PEGWikiPEGWiki ( — a wiki devoted to algorithmic techniques for programming contests

Other skills

  • Familiarity with C, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, x86 assembly language
  • Experience administering a GNU/Linux server running services such as HTTP, mail, and IRC